Principles Photography strives to provide you with the best in photography, carefully tailored to your individual needs.

We will always listen to your requirements and provide the highest quality images.

Our list of corporate clients for whom we have produced work includes:

  • ACLG,
    Advanced Models,
    Bauer Media,
    Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors,
    Eastfield Media,
    Pritchard Patent Product Ltd,
    Ian Allan Ltd,
    Electric Traction Ltd,
    Retford Civic Society,
    National Express East Coast,
    Eastfield Media,
    Retford Civic Society,
    Scalefour News,
    Mansfield Chad newspaper,
    John Lever / Bushart,
    Polestar Records,
    music producers and bands, as well as individual clients.

    Having taken photos for over 25 years in a wide variety of formats, (35mm, 120mm medium format and digital), Ian's experience and enthusiasm will help you obtain the images you require.

    Michael, having a Master's degree in Fine Art, still specialises in traditional film formats and video, but is equally at home with digital photography.

    Simon uses exclusively digital and tends to be particularly good at capturing the candid moments.